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July 10, 2019

Your Kids Will Love These 40 Summer Fun Ideas

summer activities for kids

Trying to come up with activities for kids during the summer can be challenging. At the same time, we want our kids to learn and explore during those magical summer months.

To save you hours of searching on Pinterest, we've compiled a list of categorized activities that should help keep your kids busy and engaged this summer.

Try these outdoor activities.

1. Ride a bike – Kids can explore the world on two wheels. Just be sure to wear a helmet!
2. Have a picnic – All you need is a blanket and a nice patch of grass.
3. Draw with sidewalk chalk – Hopscotch anyone?
4. Gaze at the stars – See if your little ones can spot a shooting star.
5. Toss water balloons – See how far apart you can get before the balloon bursts.
6. Swim like a fish – Nothing says summer like swimming!
7. Jump rope – How many jumps in a row can you get?
8. Run in the sprinklers – No access to a pool? No problem. Turn on the sprinklers and your kids will be occupied for hours.
9. Go geocaching Your kids can hunt real treasure with this game! Use a GPS to hide and seek containers with other participants.1
10. Fly a kite – Take advantage of windy days!

Have fun doing these indoor activities.

11. Visit the library – See how many books your child can read!
12. Write a story – Flip the script on reading and have your child try their hand at crafting a story!
13. Watch a movie – Animated or live action?
14. Draw/Color something amazing – Crayons, markers, watercolors … the creative possibilities are endless!
15. Organize your room – Kids create clutter too. Why not make a game out of clearing it?
16. Have a dance party – Sometimes you just gotta shake it out.
17. Prepare a meal – Let your child help you make a simple meal or even just set the table!
18. Go bowling – With or without bumpers … that is the question.
19. Mail a postcard – There’s nothing like a handwritten letter, and your child may never have sent one!
20. Play a board game – Everyone has a favorite!

Take on these STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) projects.

21. Make slime It’s slippery, sticky, gooey fun!2
22. Build a birdfeeder Practice your carpentry skills to benefit our flying, feathered friends!3
23. Create a Mentos geyserAdd Mentos to soda and see what happens!4
24. Build with Legos – Put those future-architect skills to use and have them build something exciting.
25. Make a tornado in a bottle Demonstrate a natural weather phenomenon up-close! You may use hot water and need to be careful.5
26. Dissolve M&Ms in different liquids See which liquid dissolves the candy coating best.6
27. Make oobleck Try out this Dr. Seuss classic. Is it a solid? A liquid? Or both?7
28. Grow bean sproutsHave your kids keep a detailed log as they observe the sprouts grow.8
29. Conduct a rainbow celery experiment Learn about plants’ capillary action as they absorb the differently colored water.9
30. Go bird watching How many different classifications can you spot?10

Select an activity from this miscellaneous list!

31. Go on a scavenger hunt – Plan a hunt for prizes or objects for your child to find, or have them plan one for a friend. See how creative they can get with the clues.
32. Create with pipe cleaners – What objects can your little ones make with these fuzzy, fun, and bright objects?
33. Build a tent – String a blanket across some chairs or a few pieces of furniture, and the kids have a cool new hang out spot!
34. Visit a museum – Give your kids a hands-on look at science, history, art, and more.
35. Camp outside – Whether it’s for sports or academics, camp is a great way to make friends and learn something new.
36. Have fun at the park – Summer days were meant for long days at the park.
37. Make homemade ice cream – Kids will need a parent’s help with this one, but there’s not a more satisfying summer treat than homemade ice cream.
38. Volunteer at a local charity – Demonstrate the value of helping others.
39. Run a lemonade stand – Let your kids gain entrepreneurial experience!
40. Camp in the backyard – An adventure awaits your child just steps from your house.

Make summer memorable.

Parents should always supervise children, especially during outdoor and public activities. Ensure all safety factors have been considered before pursuing any of the listed activities. During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, parents should follow safety guidelines and take necessary precautions to reduce children’s exposure to the coronavirus.

There are many ways to stay mentally and physically active during the summer and beyond! This list is just a jumping off point. Talk to your child and see what activities on the list appeal to them. Try all of the activities, add to the list, or come up with your own … just have fun!

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