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October 10, 2019

Talking to Kids about Safe Passwords

safe passwords

Most parents know the dos and don’ts of passwords … but what about your kids? A strong password is the best way to protect your accounts from hackers and online predators. As kids get older and earn more freedom on their mobile devices, make sure they know the importance of strong passwords and how to create them.

1. Start with a device password

Having a passcode on a phone or tablet is a good way to get in the habit of using passwords. Unlocked devices can make way for stealing and even bullying by other kids because of easy access to someone else’s phone.

2. Build a strong password with numbers, capital letters and symbols

Sub out numbers or symbols for letters or use difficult acronyms to “spell” a phrase.

3. Use the 8 character rule

Make sure all passwords are at least 8 characters long – even longer is better.

4. Make it hard for someone else to guess

Don’t use birthdate, initials or other obvious things.

5. Don’t share it

With the exception of parents themselves, kids should never share their passwords even with really close friends.

6. Use more than one

Sometimes a password can be seen or it’s shared, so don’t use only one. It’s better to have different passwords for different devices and accounts.

7. Watch out for phishing

Clicking on unknown links from phishing scams can give information straight to a hacker. Don’t fall for an email that requests a password change even if it looks legit. Type in the site’s URL on your own to make sure there’s nothing suspicious.

Instilling safe and secure digital habits early on can create a more secure path for their digital future.

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