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June 10, 2019

Family Game Nights Are Getting People Talking Again

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If the family is falling into the inevitable rut of staring at a digital device for the majority of the evening, there may be a way to get everyone talking again by having a family game night.

Having a weekly game night doesn’t have to mean it has to last the entire evening. Get together and play a quick video game after dinner to get a little detox from separate screen time. Make a new family tradition by playing a family game one night a week.

Playing board games together can also be a great way to get everyone communicating. Age doesn’t matter. Whether you have young kids or teenagers, a huge variety of board games span the generational divide. Games can teach family bonding, cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Educational games are also a fun way to teach younger kids some extra skills at the same time. They can keep the competition level high for the older family members who already know everything and, suddenly, you’ve got a battle going.

Get everyone in on it. Cousins, grandparents and friends can make a family game night worth putting the phone down. Invite the neighbors too and make it an event. Challenge everyone to leave their phones in a designated spot. Whoever checks theirs first has to host the next game night. The most important reason for a family game night is to create an easy line of open communication between family members and take that much needed break from digital devices.

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