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June 20, 2019

DIY Cell Phone Accessories to Make With Your Child

diy cell phone accessories

Check out these great DIY cell phone accessories from simple upcycled household items!

Lotion Bottle Phone Holder

Take an empty bottle that a phone can fit into once it’s cut down. Then cut a square out at the top that a phone charger can fit through or fit a hook through it to hang up a phone so it doesn’t have to touch the floor.

Sock Arm Band.

Create a hands-free phone holder with an old sock. Just cut the sock out at about the ankle, place an arm through it and fold it up over the phone.

Shoebox Charging Station

A great way to keep ugly cords hidden, untangled and out of the way, is to place the power strip in a shoebox, then poke holes in the side of the box for cords. Decorate the shoebox charging station too.

Fabric Charging Carrying Case

Create a soft cell phone holder with fabric to easily carry a phone in and use as a holder while charging.

Keyring Phone Case

Keep your phone and keys in one place by creating a cloth cell phone case with a key chain attached.

Book Charger

Protect and conceal a phone while it’s charging by cutting out a section of an old book or journal.

Leather Phone Case

Make a leather phone case with a belt loop to carry around the waist or snap around a purse handle.

Accessory Pouch

Make a pouch out of felt or fabric to hold things like headphones or cords. Use Velcro for a simple closure.

Phone Wallet

Phone wallets are convenient and easy to take anywhere. Use fabric and make as many pockets as needed. Snaps, buttons, or Velcro can all be useful.

Bathroom Phone Shelf

Make a shelf in the bathroom as a safe place for a cell phone. Use a Basket or crate for zero construction.

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