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February 20, 2020

6 Great Children’s Books That Teach Safety Lessons

safety books for children

A parent's priority is to help teach their child how to be smart and safe when it comes to navigating the world. One way children learn is through reading books. Take a look at these six books that can help spark conversation.

1. I Won’t Go With Strangers

This book presents stranger danger in a humorous way. It depicts a little girl waiting for someone to take her home. As people pass by her, they all ask if she needs help getting home. Every time they ask her, she must think to herself how well she really knows these people, whether it be her neighbor or a friend’s mom.

2. No Dragons for Tea: Fire Safety for Kids (and Dragons)

Fire safety is very important to learn as a child. We want our kids to know what to do in case of an emergency and they are all alone. In this book, a little girl meets a dragon while she is out and about with her mom. The little girl asks the dragon over to her house for a tea party. While drinking tea and having fun, the dragon sneezes and sets the table on fire. Luckily, the little girl knows exactly what to do and teaches her dragon friend how to navigate the situation safely.

3. My Body! What I Say Goes!

Children need to know they have a voice. If they feel uncomfortable, they should feel confident and safe enough to say so. ‘My Body! What I Say Goes’ addresses how to determine what qualifies as safe and unsafe touching, how to go about expressing if they are uncomfortable, how to create boundaries, and how to develop a safety network.

4. A Smart Girl’s Guide: Staying Home Alone

Regardless of if your child is a boy or girl, the tips provided apply to all. They provide advice on neighborhood safety, such as opening the door for strangers. There’s information for them on how to use a first aid kit which may come in handy if something goes awry. Best of all, you can help them come up with house rules you want them to follow and have them write it down in the tear out booklet. This makes it easier for them to keep track of the do’s and don’ts of your home.

5. Chicken Clicking

As time passes, our world only becomes more digital. To keep your kids safe online, read ‘Chicken Clicking’ with them. It provides an entertaining way to talk about online safety. It is a modern day Red Riding Hood take on the internet. This allows you to open up a conversation where you can establish rules and expectations for what your children are doing on the computer and their phones.

6. The Trouble with Secrets

We want our kids to be trustworthy people, but it’s hard for them to understand when a secret should stay a secret, and when it should be shared. This book helps to establish these differences by explaining reasons when and why a child should tell a secret. It will give you the opportunity to create an open dialogue with them so they know you have their best interest in mind.

Educating and entertaining books give children the opportunity to receive lessons from someone other than their parents while still allowing everyone to talk about the topic at hand. Check out these books to get a head start on your child’s understanding of safety precautions and procedures.

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